Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Learning to drive with Rachael was a brilliant experience. I really enjoyed every lesson as she uses a range of ideas to help your driving. She was also very patient with me in tough situations. I would highly recommended Rachael to anyone wanting to learn how to drive.

I came to Rachael after previously having lessons with a different instructor for a year and a half where I felt that I wasnt making much progress. Rachael helped to build on the skills I had already acquired and boost my confidence when driving so that I was able to be as test ready as possible. I was always made to feel at ease when driving because Rachael was patient and made me feel calm as well as trying different approaches to teach if I was struggling. Would highly recommend Rachael to anyone of any age or skill level!

Dan RuddyDan Ruddy
Great instructor, Rachael made every lesson enjoyable as well as making sure that each lessons suits you, Rachael's very patient and gives you confidence whilst your learning. Easy to get along with and funny, definitely recommend.

Charlie Charlie
Rachael is an excellent and very supportive instructor. She has a lot of patience and a wide variety of teaching techniques that help to teach each key element of driving. I highly recommend Rachael to anyone learning to drive, even the most pessimistic of souls, as she is more than likely to prove them wrong.

Great pass
Had a great time learning to drive with Rachael as she is a kind, patient and funny instructor we had some great conversations which put me at ease.

Passed 1st time!!
Rachael was recommended to me by a family friend as someone who allows the learner more ownership in having a say on how they would like their lessons structured. She helped me through the basics and eased me into the more difficult lessons before allowing me to improve skills that I was less confident in and focus more time where I needed it most. Every lesson was good fun and I felt like I improved during each one which allowed me to pass my test first time! I'd highly recommend Rachael to anyone looking for a new instructor.

Jorja Jorja
Rachael was an amazing instructor who made sure I was constantly comfortable & confident whilst driving. Lessons were always productive & I couldn’t recommend Rachael more!

Wonderful teacher, has great patients and gives amazing motivation. That along with the LDC workbook, provided me with the skills to be ready for the road. As someone who suffers with nerves at times Rachael was a great help in finding methods to deal with them. I've had a few instructors in the past but Rachael was easily the best at teaching and making me feel calm. So whether you've had multiple tests or just looking to start learning I'd highly recommend Rachael.

Jiorji Jiorji
“Driving is brilliant”
After three different driving instructors, Rachael was recommended to me by a friend. She used to be a teacher and this is obvious in the way she teaches as she tailors the lessons to suit you. The best driving instructor I’ve ever had. I’d recommend her to anybody learning to drive.

Passed first time
Passed first time, Rachael was really helpful, made every lesson enjoyable and is really easy to get along with, cannot recommend enough! :)

Passed first time
An amazing instructor, makes every lesson fun and enjoyable, plans each lesson to suit you and areas you are uncomfortable with. Fun and calming to be around and a great teacher :)

Passed with confidence
Amazing!!! She is very organised! tailors your lessons to the way you learn. Makes sure you are trying different techniques in order to find the best one for you. I think the fact that she was a teacher really helps aswell. She is friendly, encouraging and patient. Best teacher in the North West!!! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!!

Kieran Kieran
Passed a month and 4 days after 17th birthday
Rachael’s been absolutely brilliant from the start. She’s great to deal with, and a fantastic instructor. A former teacher, Rachael understands how people learn, and this comes across in her driving instruction. With Rachael’s help, I passed my driving test in a month and 4 days after my seventeenth birthday. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Dan Horsfield Dan Horsfield
Passed with few minors
Instructors comments: Dan came to me feeling a little frustrated as he'd had a few unsuccessful test attempts. Dan and I discussed what the issues were that were holding him back, these were mainly a few minor driving issues and confidence, especially in a test setting. I designed a program to focus on putting strong driving routines into Dan's driving, I arranged for Dan to try different therapies which focused on confidence and relaxation, arranged mock tests which were role played to give a realistic feel and an LDC driving instructor came along to play the examiner role and add a second opinion. These simple additions to Dan's driving made a huge impact on both his driving skills and his confidence, Dan learned very quickly and his confidence grew Quickly. Dan passed with flying colours. Student comments: Rachael really helped me with the confidence for my test. She was very patient with me and helped me fix minor issues which needed to be fixed

Louis GabrielLouis Gabriel
Passed first time
Rachael was an absolute superstar! Totally went above and beyond to help me out of a potential nightmare situation. Rachael stepped in last minute, having only four days before my test and travelling from Australia. She was honest and extremely informative when trying to assist me, from the first phone call all the way through to my test. She was willing to reschedule her whole diary and work both early and late to ensure i was prepared and capable to pass. Rachael was super professional, friendly and positive which allowed me to relax and gain the self belief needed to pass. I accredit all my success to Rachael and her attitude and cannot recommend her highly enough.